The Childless Doula

When I tell people I’m a doula there are two main questions I get. First, many people ask, “How did you decide to pursue a profession as a doula?” After all, I’m a recent college graduate with no significant other and no children; I “could be doing anything” they say.

My answer to the question is I wanted to be an obstetrician. I entered college on the pre-med track and was set on being a doctor until I realized I am much better suited at supporting people emotionally. While I have no problem with bodily fluids and functions or needles or other medical things, I felt that as a doctor I would be missing out on making connections and building relationships with clients.

The next question they ask is “What do you have to bring to the field as a doula?” I have three answers to that.

  1. I bring knowledge and experience of working with a diverse array of families. Do I have firsthand experience with pregnancy and childbirth? No; however, this means that as your doula I will be bringing a fresh mind to your journey. I won’t be bringing baggage and memories associated with my own birth experiences. I will be wholly committed to you and the decisions you are making.
  2. As a single and childless doula I am able to drop what I am doing at any time so that I can support you. My trainer actually said to me once, “You’ve got it good. Your ducks can go a while without your attention.” And she’s right; I do not have to worry about arranging for child care, canceling date night, or missing an anniversary. I simply have to get in my car and come to you. What’s better than having someone at your beck and call?
  3. Finally, despite my lack of personal experience with childbirth, I have extensive training, nearly unlimited time, and a sea of resources for serving you.


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