ProDoula Training: What Makes It Special

ProDoula Training_ What Makes It Special

A little while back Randy Patterson, co-owner of ProDoula and Northeast Doulas, challenged ProDoulas to make a video answering the questions, “What was special or unique about training with ProDoula? How does this benefit potential clients?” I answered the question and posted my video response in our group but I thought it would be great for all of you to see! The video can be found on our YouTube page. Below I’ve posted the text from the video so you can read what ProDoula training is all about.


Hey, it’s Victoria with West Metro Doulas and I’m going to take a minute to talk about how my training with ProDoula special and how that benefits you as a potential client!

At this point I’ve taken labor, postpartum, and placenta prep through ProDoula. At each of these trainings I was either the youngest, the only single one, or the only one without kids. When I started researching on how to become a doula I was given the impression that because I hadn’t personally gone through pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period I would not be adequately able to support women and families as a doula. I thought about this for a while and decided that was bullshit!

There are plenty of professionals in the world who have no personal experience in the work they do. There are male OB/GYNs who have likely never experienced anything that their patients have. There are daycare providers who have no interest in having and taking care of their own children. So why should being a doula be any different? My lack of personal experience with birth is made up for with the intense hands on training I’ve received, my wonderful trainers – Kristyn and Deb, the team of support I have next me every day, and my ability to provide nonjudgmental support with no preconceived notions of what birth does or should look like.

With love and Happy New Year,


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