Birth Support

The Role of the Birth Doula:

The role of a birth doula is to support the family in the way that is best for them. Your doula is meant to be a non-judgmental support person and should not project their beliefs on you. After hiring your doula you will be provided with resources to prepare you for birth and being a parent. This preparation includes discussion and development of birth preferences, if you choose, as well as discussion of parenting styles, comfort measures, and what to expect as the pregnancy progresses and during birth. However, your doula will not provide medical care or advice to clients, make decisions for you, or speak to the staff on your behalf.

As doulas we:

  • Recognize that birth is a major life experience for all involved
  • Understand the process of birth and the emotional needs of a person in labor as well as the needs of their partner
  • Assist the person in labor and their partner in the preparation and execution of a birth plan
  • Stay by the side of the person in labor through labor, from when called in until after the baby is born
  • Provide emotional support, measures of physical comfort, and assistance in getting the information needed or desired
  • Facilitate communication between all parties involved